Kushy’s Chocolate Bars – (270mg THC)


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Kushy’s Chocolate Bars – (270mg THC)

Kushy’s brings delicious chocolate and an assortment of fun flavors we all know and love, adding a healthy dose of THC creating an irresistible treat sure to make you smile and tickle your taste buds.  Each bar consists of 6 x 45mg easy to dose pieces, the hardest part is not eating the whole thing!

This is a high dose product and we recommend starting low and slow, especially for beginners.  Allow up to 90min between doses to ensure you don’t over do it.

6 x 45mg pieces per pack

Flavors: Bailey’s & Coffee | Birthday Cake | Cookies & Creme | Reese’s Pieces | Raspberry Creme Crunch | Choco Orange | Mint Leaves | Nutella Almond | Skor | Strawberry

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Bailey's & Coffee, Birthday Cake, Cookies & Creme, Reese's Pieces, Raspberry Creme Crunch, Choco Orange, Mint Leaves, Nutella Almond, Skor, Strawberry


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